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In over 40 years, Chitose has been one of the leading brand to provide innovative furniture for household, business, education, and hospital sector

Trisula corporation’s expansion into the furniture sector started in 1979 and has been one of several successful steps in the diversification of the company. In 2001, Trisula acquired the logo, trademark and 13 product designs from Japanese furniture company, Chitose Co. Ltd. Osaka.

Chitose has a global reputation for producing stylish and high-quality furniture, from school and office chairs to hospital beds. We own the trademark and the license to market and distribute the brand and we have diversified significantly to a 300-strong product range, including products for the lucrative markets of education (schools, colleges and universities) and healthcare (hospitals).

We do this under our company PT. Chitose Internasional Tbk (CINT), which was launched on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in June 2014. CINT has more than 30 years’ experience in the furniture business and has achieved a dominant B2B market share in Indonesia with 22 distributors and 850 agents.

The company has developed and manufactured new designs as well as marketing domestically and penetrating new international markets through cooperation, license agreements and joint product development with foreign corporations.

CINT signed a Joint Venture Agreement with the well-established Japanese company Okamura Corp in April 2015. Cooperation will focus on product quality enhancement and strengthening the two partners’ marketing and distribution network. Operations will be undertaken under the company name of PT. Okamura Chitose Indonesia.

Trisula is always exploring for development opportunities in the furniture field and has announced the following goals for CINT:
1. Maintain existing sales and enhance B2B and B2C channels
2. Market focus on education and food services industry
3. Develop upper market category products
4. Diversify furniture products with wood, metals and other materials, and develop B2C market