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Trisula Corporation prides itself on having a motivated and loyal family of employees. Our people are at the heart of our success.
We are always looking for new talent to join our teams and help us to move forward and improve.
Please carefully review the details of our corporation on this website and if you feel you can make a contribution, contact us on the below email address: recruitments@trisula.com

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Who We Are

Trisula Corporation is a well-established and diversified holding company with a wide range of financially successful businesses and an advanced system of corporate governance.

It is the holding company for the three publicly listed businesses PT Trisula International Tbk (TRIS), which specialises in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands, PT Chitose Internasional Tbk (CINT), which specialises in furniture brands, and PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (BELL), which produces high quality textile products that meet national and international standards.

Trisula Corporation has a strong track record as a leading regional company and is now carefully pursuing a wide variety of growth opportunities.

Trisula Corporation’s Board of Directors and all its employees are dedicated to fulfilling the company’s overall Philosophy (its ultimate goal) and Mission (its day-to-day promise).

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Trisula Corporation prioritizes Human Capital as one of the most important aspects in developing its business. We keep on improving all of our employees’ capabilities, skills, and competencies in order to compete and become and excellent company by conducting talent development activities consistently, conducting assessment to assess and assist employees’ competency development, and exploring performance evaluation method which is used to develop each employee’s personalized competency development programs and career path.

Why Work Here
Everyone Makes an Impact

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  • Finance
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  • Bandung, Indonesia
  • Technology
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  • Bandung, Indonesia