TRIS’s APD Meets Standards and Ready to Expand the Market

Jakarta, 30 September 2020 ‐ PT Trisula International Tbk (“TRIS” or the Company), an integrated apparel provider, has obtained a distribution permit from the Ministry of Health for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products which include hazmat suits and protective footwear through TRIS’ subsidiary, PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (“BELL”), which will be valid for the next five years. This permit was obtained because the Company has met the requirements with PPE material made of waterproof and absorbent (inside) fabric, as well as product designs with elastic cuffs, hidden zippers, and for single‐use only.

Santoso Widjojo as the President Director of TRIS said, “By obtaining permission from the Ministry of Health, this is certainly our effort to provide the best product quality by meeting the standards set. The goal is to give consumers confidence in the PPE products that are made according to their needs.”

In addition, TRIS also produces non‐medical masks which have been distributed to various regions in Indonesia. Until August 2020 the production for non‐medical masks was 9.5 million masks. Currently, TRIS is also starting to explore the export of PPE hazmat suits and non‐medical masks to several countries, such as America, Australia, UK and Singapore.

“Indeed, the Covid‐19 Pandemic has made restrictions in various regions. However, we are still trying to expand our market where most of our markets are exports in Australia and America. So, currently we are working on to explore some of these countries to export PPE hazmat suits and non‐medical masks,” said Santoso.

As information, besides producing PPE hazmat suits and non‐medical masks, TRIS also produces formal wear, blazers, casual and daily pants, uniforms, sportswear, and other customized clothing. Currently, the Company and BELL are also aggressively selling Foldable Jackets, which are additional protective clothing for daily needs made of Healthy Fabric (Kain Sehat).

“Through our excellence for customized products, TRIS can continue to develop its products based on needs so that we can quickly keep up with developments. Surely, the Covid‐19 Pandemic poses a challenge for us, both in the production and distribution process, but we are grateful that until now there have been no order cancellations. I hope that in the future TRIS will continue to contribute to making quality products to meet market demand,” concluded Santoso.